About Question Numbering

In order to change question numbering, you need to understand how QDS automatically generates question numbers, as well as how you can override default settings. Customizing your question numbers is very useful in the development testing stage, when you may want to compare your QDS design specifications to the survey which served as the basis for its design.

Each Data Element's associated question number consists of three parts:

  • Prefix [optional]
  • Integer [required]
  • Suffix [optional]

For example, in a question numbered A1a, A is the Prefix, 1 is the Integer, and a is the Suffix.

  • The Prefix may initially be set as one of the QDS Data Defaults (see Options|Data Defaults) and may be omitted or changed using Section Header Elements. The default prefix is Q.
  • The Integer is determined automatically by QDS, starting with 1 and continuing sequentially. The default (sequential) numbering may be reset by using a Format Element or Section Header Element.
  • The Suffix (optional) can contain both letters and numbers, but the first character must be a letter. It is entered on the Data Elementtab.

Tip: QDS displays the question number automatically assigned in the Question Number box. That display is only updated when you validate your questionnaire (Tools|Validate).

Question Number box