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Questionnaire Development System™


QDS™ Version 5.0 Software Patch

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Bug Fixes

QDS™ Version 5.0 Software Patch addresses the issues within the QDS™ module shown below:

Design Studio

Problem Description

The maximum allowed value for Pick One numeric codes was 999.

Users can now assign a 5-digit numeric code to a Pick One response item in order to support a range of values from 0 to 99999.

Fixed in version (11/5/2019)

The Limited Range setting on the Data element calculations tab did not always work correctly.

If user modified the Calculations tab by selecting Limited Range option for Don't know, Refused, or Not applicable responses and set the From/To fields to a single value or range of values outside of the allowable range, the minimum and maximum values for the corresponding special response were invalid. This has been fixed so that the range for special responses now matches the limited range defined in the Design Studio.

Fixed in version (8/15/2019)

Design Studio sometimes dropped quotation marks when user pasted text into their specifications file.

When pasting text that contained smart quotation marks or smart apostrophes, the program automatically removed them when the user saved any changes. This has been fixed, and all quotation marks and apostrophes are now saved.

Fixed in version (3/26/2019)

Variable labels for Automatic Variables were limited to 40 characters.

Variable labels for Automatic Variables now work like variables labels for Data elements. Users are no longer limited to a fixed number of characters.

Fixed in version (3/26/2019)

Preview Tool sometimes incorrectly enabled the Previous Question button.

This problem only occurred when the section highlighted in the Design Studio started with a format or information element and the first data element in the section was skipped. When the second data element in the section was displayed by the CAPI or ACASI emulator, the Previous Question button was incorrectly enabled, allowing the user to move back to a section in the survey file that was not included in the preview section. This now works correctly so that the user is unable to move to an element that precedes the preview section.

Fixed in version (2/25/2019)


Problem Description

Composite variables with missing parts were not transferred correctly by the Edit Element Launch another control file function.

When the list of shared variables included a composite variable that contained a missing part, such as a date type response with a missing day, the program transferred the missing value from the primary survey as a single numeric value instead of as a range of values to the destination survey. This now works correctly so that the response data in the destination survey matches what was stored in the primary survey.

Fixed in version (2/25/2019)

Warehouse Manager

Problem Description

The MS Access Relational Database export function failed if a variable label in the data warehouse was greater than 255 characters.

The Warehouse Manager now automatically truncates any labels longer than 255 characters, and all data are exported.

Fixed in version (3/26/2019)

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