Saving Warehouse Files

To save your Source Data or Local Warehouse File, go to File|Save. You will be prompted to save every time you close a data or Warehouse File, as well as when you exit the Warehouse Manager (therefore, closing any open file). There are also options to Save Copy As or Save and Compact:

 Warehouse File|Save Menu option

Save Copy As

To make a backup copy of your Local Warehouse, go to File|Save Copy As… This launches the Save Copy As dialog box, which contains a check box labeled, "Discard data corrections log after saving copy". If checked, the log will be saved with the backup copy and discarded from the current copy of the warehouse file. This feature allows you to conserve disk space if needed. This checkbox is only enabled if the "Allow discard of data corrections log" was checked under Interview Log Options.

Save and Compact

Select Save and Compact to reduce the size of your warehouse file by eliminating unused portions that sometime occur as a result of reconciliation and conversion procedures. QDS will save the file under the same name. This procedure is recommended if you have reconciled and converted multiple versions.

Tip: In order to use these Save functions, Read passwords for all versions—even versions that have been deleted—must be supplied.