Deleting Interviews in the Warehouse

From within the Warehouse Manager, you can delete interviews from both Local Warehouse and Source Data Files. Select the interview to be deleted and go to Edit|Delete (you may also use the Delete button from the toolbar). To select a group of interviews to be deleted, click on the first interview in the group, then hold the Shift key down while clicking on the last interview in the group.

Tip: If a Modify password has been defined in the Design Studio, you will be prompted to supply it before the data can be deleted.

If you have selected to Require reason for all delete/undelete operations under Tools|Options then you will be prompted to enter a reason into the Data Corrections Log Update dialog box. If you highlight a block of interviews before selecting the Delete or Undelete command, you will only be required to enter a single reason for the entire block.

The status of each deleted interview will be Deleted Deleted Status code(see Warehouse Status Codes). It is important to understand that, at this point, the record has only been marked for deletion, not actually deleted—you can still view or undelete the interview. To undelete an interview, highlight the record(s) and select Edit|Undelete.

Records marked for deletion can be retained in the Warehouse to allow for later restoration (un-deletion) or physically removed to reduce file size. The QDS default setting specifies that deleted interviews will be removed when they exceed 50 percent of the file size. You can change this setting by going to Tools|Options.

Tip: Deleted interviews are removed once the Warehouse is closed and changes saved.