Exporting a Variables Subset

To export a subset of variables, go to File|Export Interviews from the menu. You will select from the Variable subset drop-down box which lists at least two items: (1) <all variables> and (2) <settings from Design Studio>.

The default export is <settings from Design Studio>. This will exclude any Automatic Variables with the Design Studio option "Do not include in exported data set" checked. If you prefer to export all variables, select <all variables>.

Any customized subsets, defined on View|Versions|Details,Variables tab, will also be listed in the drop-down box. See Creating Export Subsets in the Warehouse.

Export Dialog box, Variable subset options

Click on the appropriate entry in the list before selecting the Save button. During the export process, the program will skip over any variable that was excluded (or unchecked) in the selected subset. If the export process completes without any errors, the subset chosen will become the default subset for any subsequent exports.