Using Substitution Tokens as Response Choices

You can use substitution tokens on response sets so that respondents can select a choice from previously entered responses. For example, you could have multiple questions asking for the names of friends, followed by a question asking which of these is their best friend.

The questions asking for friend's names could be a series of Data Elements with Text type responses, asking "Please enter the name of one of your friends", with variable names of FRIEND1 TO FRIEND5.

Data Element Text of Question

This would be followed by a Data Element with a Pick One response type, asking "Who is your best friend?"

Data Element Text of Question

On the Response Set tab, you would enter a substitution token for each response choice with one of the 'friend' questions (variables FRIEND1 TO FRIEND5), such as:

  1. &[FRIEND1]
  2. &[FRIEND2]
  3. &[FRIEND3]
  4. &[FRIEND4]
  5. &[FRIEND5]

Substitution tokens for response choices

On the ACASI, CAPI, or Web Module screen, the names that were entered for FRIEND1 to FRIEND5 will appear on the five responses buttons, such as:

  1. Bob
  2. Amy
  3. John
  4. Tom
  5. Joe

Substitution tokens for response choices in CAPI view

If you anticipate blank responses, you can add in Edit Elements following the Data Element to disallow the participant from selecting a blank response button.