Response Cards

Often, a single scale or response set is used for many questions in an instrument. For example, you might use the rating scale: Very Likely, Likely, Not Likely, Very Unlikely for each question in an entire section. It would be tedious to have to enter your Response Set—Very Likely, Likely, Not Likely, Very Unlikely—for each question that will use this set of responses.

You can use Response Cards to create your own response sets. See Adding Response Cards. For the example listed above, you might create a Response Card called LIKELY. Then, for any questions that will use Very Likely / Likely / Not Likely / Very Unlikely as their Response Set, the Response Type can be set to Response Card: LIKELY. This will automatically enter the responses associated with this Response Card on the Response Set tab for the current Element without having to reenter the categories. You can also copy Response Card(s) from one QDS Specification File to another.

Tip: In order to select the Response Card type, you must already have defined your Response Card. Once you have created a Response Card, you can select it as many times as you like as a Response set for a Data Element.