Exporting to Stata

Export to Stata 10

  1. Go to File|Export Interviews.
  2. Select Stata 10 dataset (.DTA) from the Save as type drop-down box.
  3. Select Variable Subset if desired.
  4. Click Options and make desired changes.
  5. Click Save.

A pop-up dialog box will tell you how many interviews were exported to the specified Stata dataset.

Stata Save As Options

After clicking on the Options button from the Save As box, the Stata Options box will open. The following label, Special Value, and missing data options may be set on the Stata Options window.

Stata Options box

  • Special Value Recodes: To change how QDS Special Values are exported, select an option from the Special Value Recodes "Recode to" box:
    • Special Codes:Convert to their Special Codes, as defined in the Design Studio. Special Responses include Don't Know (default = 9 … 7), Refused to Answer (default = 9 … 8), Not Applicable (default = 9 … 9), and Skipped (default = 9 … 9). (default setting)
    • System Missing: Convert to Stata System Missing.
    • Range Bottom: Convert to the minimum allowable value for the corresponding Variable, as defined in the Design Studio.
    • Range Top: Convert to the maximum allowable value for the corresponding Variable, as defined in the Design Studio.
    • Range Middle: Convert to the midpoint of the allowable range for the corresponding Variable, as defined in the Design Studio.
    • Changing Special Code Values: Convert to values specified in the boxes to the right. The default specified values for Stata will be enabled when the Specified Values radio button is selected. These suggested values in the boxes may be modified.
  • Include Question Number with Variable Label: Check to include question number with variable label. The question number will be added at the beginning of the label. (default setting is not checked)
  • Use Upper-Case Variables Names: By default, the exported variable names will be in all lower case; select this option for upper-case variables names.

After you have finished updating and reviewing your options, click OK.

Click the Save button to (re-)create an Stata System File (*.SAV). Data for all Standard Version interviews will be exported. Variable names and labels will be included, as well as value labels.

Changing Special Code Values

To change how QDS special values are exported, select the Specified Values option from the Special Value Recodes box. Default values are listed in the boxes to the right; however, they can be changed to any other integer.

  Stata Options recode to box

Export Limits

QDS supports Stata 10 that imposes the following maximum lengths:

  • Variable names: 32 characters
  • Variable labels: 80 characters (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: 40 characters)
  • Value labels: Unlimited
  • Text responses: 244 characters (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: 122 characters)