Saving a Specifications File

Save With Same Filename and Location

  1. Select File|Save.

Modify Filename or Location

  1. Select File|Save a Copy As.
  2. Enter or modify filename in the File Name box.
  3. Select appropriate location in which the file should be saved from the Look in drop-down box.
  4. Select discard undo checkbox (optional).
  5. Click Save.

Discard Undo Information and Reduce File Size

By default, QDS retains all Undo information in your Specifications File. It is this feature that allows QDS to build the Change History and to undo changes.

However, this default setting also increases the size of the Specifications File every time a change is made. Eventually, retention of this information can cause the file size to grow quite large.

Tip: It is strongly recommended that undo information be periodically discarded using one of the following File|Save a Copy As options

  • Select Discard Undo information after saving copy to eliminate all Undo information. Prior to eliminating all Undo information from the Specifications File, QDS will create a copy of the file that includes all previously recorded Undo information.
  • Select Always discard Undo information before saving to disable the Undo capability. When this option is selected, the Undo function will be limited to changes made since the last save.

Discard Undo Information and Reduce File Size options