Translating System Keywords

System keywords must be translated for all needed languages. These are terms that QDS uses in both paper and automated interviews, for example, "Don't Know", "Next Question", or "Response is required".

Tip: To use text other than the system default, you may edit the default English translations. For example, if you wish to use the text “Decline” rather than “Refuse to Answer”, select Language|Translations and edit the English translations.

Updating System Keywords

  1. Select Language|Translations.
  2. Select the language for which you need to add translations.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select a translation category (see Translation Categories).

Select a translation category box

  1. Enter appropriate keyword translations for all items in your questionnaire. English translations are displayed by default; replace these with your translations or alternate text for English.
  2. Click OK when complete.

Translation Categories

  • Responses
  • Automated Interviews
  • Append to Question Text
  • Date/Time
    • Dates
    • Times
  • Error Messages
    • General
    • Web Messages (Numbers)
    • Web Messages (Date/Time)
  • Keyboard
    • Primary
    • Alt
  • Paper Interviews
    • General
    • Conditionals

System Keyword Defaults

Each translation category field includes default English text which can be changed by replacing the default.


Default Responses keyword text

Automated interviews

Default Automated Interviews Keyword text

Append to Question Text

Default Append to Queston text Keyword text


Default Date Keyword text

Default Time Keyword text

Error Messages (General)

Error message text supports Bold, Italics, and Underline formatting by selecting the appropriate button or using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U) for:

  • A response is required
  • Date entered is invalid
  • Number is too small
  • Number is too big
  • Too few ranked

Default Error Messages (General) Keyword text

Web Messages (Numbers)

Default Web Messages (Numbers) Keyword text

Web Messages (Date/Time)

Default Web Messages (Date/Time) Keyword text


Specify the characters that should appear on the standard keypad. Asian characters cannot be used in the on-screen keyboard. Default:

Default Keyboard Keyword text

Alt Keyboard tab

Specify the characters that should appear on the alternate keypad. Default:

Default Alt Keyboard Keyword text

Tip: If all the default characters letters are removed from the Keyboard and Alt Keyboard, the keypad will not appear on the screen.

Paper Interviews

Default Paper Interviews Keyword text

Default Paper Interviews (if, then, and) Keyword text