Edit Element: Link to External File/URL

You may also use an Edit Element to launch another application in order to:

  • Open a specified file located on the participant’s computer from CAPI or ACASI.
  • Link to a URL from CAPI, ACASI, or Web. For example, you might want the participants in your survey to view your organization’s web page when they are finished completing the survey, or you may have a .PDF file that you wish them to read if their responses meet certain criteria.

Once the participant or interviewer closes or minimizes the external application, the QDS interview proceeds to the next element following the Edit Element.

During interview administration, the specified files must reside in a single directory on your system. The directory is specified on the Build Options property sheet.

Link to External File/URL Options

  • If: Enter your logical expression. If you want all participants to link to the specified document or URL, enter an unconditional expression (i.e., “1=1”).
  • File name or URL: Enter the filename, including extension, of the file you wish to open. If you are linking to a web page, enter the complete URL, such as http://www.novaresearch.com.
  • Browse all files: Select to launch an open dialog box where you can select a file to link to. Highlight the file you wish to use and then select Open. The program will automatically copy the filename to the File name or URL input field. You will need to specify this location on the External Files tab.

Edit Element tab with Link to External File/URL option