ACASI: Audio

Under ACASI Build Option Settings, Audio, you can further customize AT&T Natural Voices or recorded human voice settings.

Audio Options

ACASI Build Options: Audio

  • Directory for audio files: Enter the full path for the directory that includes the human voice recordings for this questionnaire in the currently selected interview language (for example, C:\Users\UName\Documents\Audios\En), or click the Browse button and specify the directory by locating and selecting it. This same path must be used on all devices that are used to administer ACASI.
  • Include response items in audio script file: Check this box to include response item audio files in script file.
  • Prompt to view audio script file: Check this box to see a message box asking if you wish to open the audio script after the ACASI Application build step is complete.
  • Use Text-to-Speech: Check the Use Text-to-Speech box to substitute Text-to-Speech audio when there is no audio file (.WAV) specified for a given element or when the specified file cannot be found. By default, this option is checked.
  • Voice: Select a Text-to-Speech voice from the listing. This field will display the voice selected from the list or any entered via the Text to Speech Voice dialog box. If no voice is selected or added, it will read "Not specified" and ACASI will use the Windows default TTS voice defined on the Control Panel Speech tool.
  • Enter another voice…: Click this button to specify a voice that is not installed with ACASI. Enter the name in the Text to Speech Voice box. To see a listing of all voice fonts present on your device, go to Tools|List Text-to-speech Voices in the ACASI module. For example, to run the Microsoft voice that comes with Windows 7, enter “Microsoft Anna”, or to run the male voice that comes with Windows 8 or Windows 10, enter "Microsoft David Desktop" in the Name field.


  • Read choices: Check this option to have Text-to-Speech audio read response options for Pick One and Check Each questions. By default, this option is not checked.