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What is QDS™?
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QDS Support

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What's New in QDS™ Version 5.0?

Design Studio Module

  • Longer variable names: Variable names now allow up to 32 characters.
  • New drop-down layout for Pick One Response Types: Optional drop-down list (instead of response buttons) for Pick One responses, supporting up to 997 response choices.
  • Find and Replace Function: Easily replace words or phrases in specifications file.
  • Functions for Automatic Variables
    • Round: returns the rounded value of a numeric expression.
    • Day, Month, and Year: return the value of a single component of a full or Year-Month date response.
    • StringToNumber: converts a string that contains numbers to the corresponding numeric value.
  • Special Constant for Automatic Variables: Special constant .MSG assigns a system missing code to an Automatic Variable.
  • Edit Element, Launch allows up to ten shared variables: Share up to ten variables with the destination file for the Edit Element, Launch another control file reconciliation option.
  • Custom formatting to error messages: Formatting (bold, italics, and underline) may be applied to standard error and Edit Element messages displayed in CAPI and ACASI.
  • Enhanced Preview Mode Tools
    • Display variable name in Question text box.
    • Write response values for a subset of variables to a text file (.CSV format).
  • Enhanced Preview Tool Response Values box: Function to search for specific variable names or question numbers in Preview response values dialog box.

Warehouse Manager Module

  • New SAS XML export option: Export to XML format (compatible with SAS v8 and higher).

Click here to download a PDF (1.7MB) detailing the New Features in QDS 5.0.

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